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Finding non-leather shoes and accessories and other cruelty-free products can be a challenge.  Here are a few online businesses that sell vegan products.  Note: Some of these companies carry other products that are not vegan, and some products may fit one person's definition of vegan and not another's (for example, dairy-free chocolates that contain refined sugar might not be considered vegan by some people).  I make no judgments about the companies, the products, or the definition of vegan.  Examine the products closely, and follow your own guidelines.

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A Little Bit of Everything:

Pangea Vegan Products carries almost everything you might need, from shoes to cosmetics to dog biscuits to t-shirts to vegan "jell-o" substitute, all guaranteed to be vegan.

One Stop Vegan Shop: a variety of vegan products from personal care, children's items, cleaning products, cookies, and more.

Cruelty Free Shop: The one-stop compassionate shop featuring vegan and green items.  Delivery in U.K. only.

Vegan Essentials: Personal care products, household products, clothing, food, candles, etc.

Mostly Food:

The Mail Order Catalog has vegetarian meat substitutes, featuring the Harvest Direct line of textured soy proteins and other vegetarian entree products.  Also offers vegetarian books at great prices.

Dixie Diner has a wide variety of meat, cheese, and egg replacement products.

Uncle Don's Health Products: Order from this natural food store online or over the phone.

Road's End Organics: Makers of DAIRY-FREE Pastas and Chreese.

Organic Wine Company has six vegan wines.  Use the drop-down box on the right to choose "vegan" to find them.

Frey Vineyards, Organic and Biodynamic Wine has vegan wines.

Wright's Wines produces vegan wines certified through the New Zealand Vegetarian Society.

Smithfield Wine has a selection of vegan wines which can be shipped within mainland U.K.

Florida Crystals' sugar is vegan.  You can't buy it through this website, but you can read about their products.

Frankly Natural Bakers has organic, vegan brownies and cookies.

Chocolate Decadence offers a variety of dairy-free chocolates such as truffles, cherry cordials, and gift boxes.

Chocolove Premium Belgium Chocolate has several varieties that do not contain dairy products.  Ingredients are listed on the website.

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Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories:

TheVegetarianSite.com: all vegan footwear, clothing, belts, and more.

Vegan Handbags by Crystalyn Kae: the name says it all!

Heartland Products: Shoes, socks, and accessories.

The Vegan baby and mother superstore (the only one of its kind) on the net: www.KidBean.com

Vegan Wares, located in Australia, has vegan shoes.

Cynthia King Ballet Slippers makes non-leather slippers.

American Dance has non-leather ballet slippers.

Ethical Wares, based in the U.K. has a huge variety of vegan footwear and accessories.

Peace on a String: Vegan jewelry

Veganline: Shoes for vegans; ecology wallets, hemp, jackets and belts in the UK.

Vegetarian Shoes: A treat for your feet if you don't eat meat!

Hemp Sisters, Inc. offers Hemp clothing and accessories.  Note: some products are definitely not vegan.

You can find non-leather flamenco shoes at Lands Far Away Imports.  Look about 2/3rds of the way down the page.

T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, etc.:

www.VeganOfLight.com: Made in the USA American Apparel Sweat Shop Free T-Shirts for the Vegan Spirit

www.AhimsaWear.com:  CompassionATE clothing for vegans,
vegetarians, mystics, and seekers.

The Vegetarian Resource Group has t-shirts and bumper stickers with their "Be Kind to Animals--Don't Eat Them" design.  Email and ask about children's sizes--they do have them.

www.FeelGoodTees.com:The Funky and Stylish Online Message T-shirt Store for Vegans and Vegetarians

Vegan Street Market has t-shirts, bumper stickers, and refrigerator magnets.

Vegetarian Baby has veggie-themed t-shirts in kids' sizes.

Wild Wear has a great selection of vegan-themed t-shirts, buttons, and bumper stickers.

Northern Sun: t-shirts and bumper stickers with vegan and political themes.

AnimalRightstuff.com has a large selection of vegan, vegetarian, and animal rights-themed t-shirts, including children's sizes.

Personal Care:

A Different Daisy has Beauty Without Cruelty products.

Coconut Coast Natural Products is a a homegrown company located on Kauai offering handmade soaps and solar bath salts that have been certified vegan by Vegan Action.  Their products contain no artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance oils or animal products and are cruelty free.

Freeda Vitamins: Kosher and vegetarian vitamins containing no animal stearates, gelatin, sugar, or pesticides.

VegetarianVitamin.com: Vegetarian and vegan vitamins.

Household Items

www.DropSoul.com is all household items (some shoes and yoga gear) that are eco-friendly, free of animal ingredients, and sweat shop free.

Real Goods has products for an ecologically sustainable future.


www.VegBay.com: An auction for the green community.


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